The Music of Andrew Gorczyca
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What is best described as a true labor of love for drummer Chris G has been completed. The recorded work, a tribute CD of the music of his late brother Andrew, is the culmination of nearly four years' effort devoted to countless studio sessions. At its core, the music would fall into the progressive rock category, given the elaborate arrangements and instrumentation.

A total of eighteen progressive rock players were recorded in twelve different studios located in six different American cities. This host of artists associated with the genre provided the cast of players sought by Chris to recreate Andrew's music with professional flair and credibility. Thanks to their talents, Andrew's musical spirit will endure, accessible to everyone.

According to Chris – "We strove for a balance of staying true to the songs as written while letting the artists bring something of themselves to the music." Within that framework, the recording was completed as a lasting tribute to Andrew and the music that meant everything to him.
Reflections - An Act Of Glass - Player Credits
Adrian Belew: guitars, vocals
Bryan Beller: bass
Nick D’Virgilio: vocals
Shawn Farley: bass, guitars
Chris G: drums, keyboards, percussion
Randy George: bass, keyboards
Andrew Gorczyca: vocals
Wil Henderson: vocals
Phil Keaggy: guitars
Mike Keneally: guitars
Ted Leonard: vocals
Dave Meros: bass
Rich Mouser: guitar
Rick Musallam: guitars
Ryo Okumoto: keyboards
Billy Oskay: violins
Greg Strickland: bass
Marc Ziegenhagen: keyboards