a compilation of drumming examples

Time Signatures offers several recorded examples of my playing, with production from several different studios. It features a few of my own compositions, exploring different musical styles within the instrumentation.

I am offering this drumming demo to any interested parties seeking a studio drummer. Simply email me with your local address and I will send a free copy of the CD. I am available for recording projects within the greater Seattle area.
Tomorrow Never Knows mp3 excerpt
I Am Not A Carpenter mp3 excerpt
Call You Out mp3 excerpt
Changing mp3 excerpt
In The Rain mp3 excerpt
Your Love Is True mp3 excerpt
My Love For Lois Is Real mp3 excerpt
Trinity mp3 excerpt
No Last Goodbye mp3 excerpt
Viajero Internacional mp3 excerpt
An Early Evening Drive mp3 excerpt
Tomorrow Never Knows  (Yogi)
Dynamic hard rock.  Recorded at Di Pietro Sound, 2002.
This is perhaps the heaviest sounding track on the Time Signatures drumming demo CD. The song is a Beatles cover tune, given a vastly different feel from the original version. Ever-productive guitarist/singer/songwriter Yogi once again invited Bryan Beller and me to play on a series of songs that would comprise his second CD release. Salve is the title of the work, and it ranges from all out rockers like this track to a more laid back sound from Yogi. I actually played with brushes on one song - that alone is quite a departure from our usual approach to drum sounds. Darin Di Pietro was the engineer on this recording. He's been there for most of the work Yogi and I have done together. The sound on this track is just slammin'! He went for a little more presence in the drumkit, particularly on the snare, but the tom-toms jump right out as well. In some sections the dynamic level drops suddenly, and it is here that the tones of the instruments settle into a mellow mood swing. The cross-stick hits in the middle breakdown are so clean and pure. The added reverb effect just makes them "sing".