These mp3 audio excerpts offer some examples of my recorded playing and programming with various artists in different styles.

Barroom Hardened Bodies  (Lee Anderson)
Country-Western with implied shuffle
Another Love  (Chris G/Javier Monteverde)
Modern power pop (programmed)
Emma Goes Underground  (Arc Of Ones)
College radio progressive rock
Bandolero  (Atahualpa)
Ecuadoran Andes folk music
No Concessions  (Greg Strickland)
Dynamic progressive rock (programmed)
Sobriety  (Planet Zero)
Rock with R&B-funk overtones
Lloyd  (Tobe Ramsey)
Hard rock with progressive elements

I've included drum transcriptions with these audio clips - just click on the style description.

There Is No More Evil In This World  (Yogi)
Aggressive alternative hard rock groove
Viajero Internacional  (Chris G)
Driving Latin samba piece - drum solo
Hit It  (Chris G)
Keyboard funk-fusion - drum solo